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There are many ways to express the concept of "restructuring of a building".

For us, a renovation is the best way to turn a house into your home.

Over the years we have gained experience that allows us to design and develop a restructuring in detail, so you can give clear and precise indications on the execution time and the total cost. But when we talk of restructuring not only talk about flooring, coatings and finishes in general, we also talk about seismic and energy-saving adjustment. Retrain your property from an energy point of view can help you to have immediate benefits in terms of savings in the bill and welfare.

For this the Technical Study Dell 'Amico & Partners face every restructuring in depth to propose, based on your budget, the best way to go.

Particular importance is given to the workers involved in the restructuring process, so you can request our suppliers and artisans store where you can meet our partners who in time were selected.

Do you also have plans to restructure and retrain your property contact us for a free site survey with the cognitive Geom. Dell' AMico  Massimiliano to get answers to all your questions.

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